[IPython-user] Beginner questions (mostly about history)

Gerhard Fiedler gelists@gmail....
Wed Jun 6 08:49:16 CDT 2007


I'm just starting to use IPython; I want to see how it works out as my main
shell. (This is on WinXP.)

I have a few questions around history (command and directory). My questions
are probably pretty basic, so if they are a simple case of RTFM, please
kindly refer me to the chapters and verses where I can find the info :)

- I see that the command history is persistent between sessions, as I can
recall past commands through the up arrow, even from past sessions. But I
can't figure out how to list them; when I use %hist, I only get the
commands from this session. Is there a way to list the commands from
previous sessions also?

- The directory history doesn't seem to be persistent between sessions, but
I'd like it to be. Can this be done?

- There's a feature of the auto completion (of e.g. cd) that I'd like to
port over from 4NT (that's the shell I'm using so far). When I type "cd
foo<TAB>" in IPython, I get a list of every directory that starts with
"foo" and I seem to have to type the remainder until I get to something
unique. In 4NT, I can just continue to hit <TAB> and the directories at the
command line cycle through the available options. (Works also with files
where filename completion is done.) Is it possible to make this work

Thanks for any help,

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