[IPython-user] magic and commands causing syntax errors

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Fri Mar 2 19:11:24 CST 2007

On 3/2/07, Bryce Hendrix <bhendrix@enthought.com> wrote:
> Yet another apology- I thought I was subscribed to the mail list, but I
> wasn't and non-subscriber postings seem to disappear into the ether.
> Bryce Hendrix wrote:
> > Forgive me if this has been discussed previously, I don't follow this
> > list very closely, but I didn't see anything...
> >
> > I did a build of svn version 2120 for python 2.4 on Windows, and now
> > when I try "%magic" or "!dir" I get SyntaxErrors for both of these.
> > Magic command appear to be working okay if the leading "%" is omitted.
> > Also, "?object" causes a SyntaxError while "object?" does not. Any
> > ideas as to the cause and/or how to fix it?

Bryce, could you please try /current/ SVN (meaning, r2125)?  It's
possible you got r2122-4, where I unfortunately introduced some bugs
at the worst possible time.



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