[IPython-user] Connecting to an open IPython shell remotely.

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza@ill...
Wed Mar 7 02:09:52 CST 2007

Le mardi 6 mars 2007 23:03, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> > 1) Can IPython be started in 'server' mode; i.e. so that remote
> > processes can connect to it through an API.
> Yes, effectively the ipython engines from ipython1 do precisely that.

We also do some sort of with ipython 0.x. In a few words, we have a ipython 
instance running in a pyqonsole xterm-like shell (pyqonsole was developped 
by Logilab for our use; it a is port of konsole, the KDE xterm-like shell, 
for python, and only using Qt. It is released as CeCILL, the french 
GPL-like-and-compatible license, and is now in debian). We can send 
commands to ipython through the pyqonsole session shell. This is nice, 
because you can see the commands in ipython as if you have entered them 
with the keyboard, and they are also put in the history ;o)

The only thing you need to add, is the client/server mode. This can be 
easily done with Pyro.

Hope this can help a little bit...


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