[IPython-user] Connecting to an open IPython shell remotely.

Anthony Roy home@antroy.co...
Thu Mar 8 14:49:55 CST 2007

Brian Granger wrote:

> The chainsaw branch is pure python.  The only place a compiler would
> be needed is for twisted.  But I have never built twisted on windows
> so I am not sure what is required.  Looking on the twisted website
> there appears to a a binary installer though.  That should work.

It turned out that *something* needed compiling, and the install kept
falling over as I didn't have a compiler installed. In the end I
installed MinGW using instructions from
http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyrexOnWindows Pyrexes instructions for
compiling python extensions using MinGW, which worked fine (at least as
far as I can tell so far ;-) )

> Twisted 2.5.0 works with python 2.5 (on windows as well as far as I know.).

Yes, there's an installer built for it now.

Now to some other hitches I have had. The scripts (in particular
ipcluster) are heavily unix oriented. There are several non-windows
compatible functions present. I've worked through them to get
distributed computing working on my machine, at some point I'll take a
look at making the scripts more robust and portable between *nix and

In the meantime, I am trying to use the engine/controller setup to
control a separate IPython instance. The way I am currently attempting
this is by starting a controller and an engine in separate consoles, and
then starting a (controlling) IPython session and using it to start an
IPython session on the engine in a separate thread. This sort of works.
IPython is started in the engine (the load info is displayed) but then I
am having trouble running commands in that engine console without stacks
of errors!

Is there a way of hooking python code into an engine such that it will
run it once the engine has started? The idea being that there will be
two threads running, one with the IPython instance, and the other the
engine itself, which would be able to take commands from the controller
and pass them to the IPython instance.


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