[IPython-user] Autoindentation in emacs

skip@pobo... skip@pobo...
Mon Mar 19 08:30:12 CDT 2007

    Fernando> On 10/6/06, Seweryn Kokot <skokot@po.opole.pl> wrote:
    >> Coming back to autoindentation, it doesn't work here.
    >> I'm using:
    >> emacs-snapshot (emacs 22)
    >> ipython 0.7.2
    >> ipython.el rev. 1325
    >> python-mode 1.0.
    Fernando> It works fine for me with current ipython SVN and Emacs 23.


I only learned over the weekend that GNU Emacs apparently comes with a
python-mode which has little or no resemblance to the SourceForge-hosted
python-mode that comes with XEmacs (and of which I am supposed to be a
maintainer).  Given the version number the OP gave I wonder if you and he
are using a python-mode with similar pedigrees.

(Where do I find Emacs 22/23?  I didn't see them on the various GNU mirrors
I checked.)


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