[IPython-user] Readline Problems

vel.accel@gmai... vel.accel@gmai...
Fri Mar 23 17:04:14 CDT 2007

I recently installed IPython 0.7.3 on Python-2.5 on (K)ubuntu linux.
>From what I understand, pyreadline is only necessary for Windows platform only.

Yet, I don't have functionality in IPython, relating to readline,
using "konsole" as my console front-end. I do happen to have
libreadline5, [-dev], and [-common] already installed on my system,

I get the following message after start-up even though I'm on a Linux platform:

WARNING: Readline services not available on this platform.
WARNING: The auto-indent feature requires the readline library
WARNING: Proper color support under MS Windows requires the pyreadline library.
You can find it at:
Gary's readline needs the ctypes module, from:
(Note that ctypes is already part of Python versions 2.5 and newer).

Defaulting color scheme to 'NoColor'

Thanks for your help,

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