[IPython-user] IDE with IPython

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza@ill...
Tue Mar 27 01:45:37 CDT 2007

Le mardi 27 mars 2007 00:25, Nicolas Pernetty a écrit :

> Sorry if it has already been asked somewhere but I haven't found any
> relevant information anywhere : is there any real IDE (or IDE
> initiative) out there which uses IPython as its python interpreter ?
> IPython have so many useful features and is... free : I would be
> surprised that nobody haven't tried to integrate IPython in some way...
> I'm an heavy and happy user of (X)emacs + IPython + Matplotlib but I
> can't ask of everyone else to master (X)emacs. So I have a little
> problem here when I try to promote Python...

Last year, Logilab company developped for us (CEA-Grenoble) pyqonsole, a 
port for PyQt of konsole, the KDE terminal emulator. The author of konsole, 
Lars Doele, gave us a konsole version which was only using Qt, so the port 
from C++ to Python was easy.

With pyqonsole, you can run Ipython in a Qt-based GUI; this is what we are 
doing for our project (a spectrometer control software). On the french 
python list, a guy (a translator) working on Eric project (a Qt-based great 
IDE) said that the author planned to use pyqonsole as embedded shell. I 
don't know if it is already done, but even if he doesn't use Ipython as 
python shell, it shouldn't be too difficult to adapt the code once Eric use 

You can also ask Eric author to support it...

Hope this help.


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