[IPython-user] IDE with IPython

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza@ill...
Wed Mar 28 02:04:13 CDT 2007

Le mardi 27 mars 2007 20:49, vel.accel@gmail.com a écrit :

> Is Qonsole available for Qt4?

Not yet.

> If not, do you know if there are any plans for it?

As pyqonsole is officially packaged for debian, I think it will be. Did you 
try it with Qt4? It may already work, as it uses very standard Qt 

> On the Eric ide mail list, I asked about the IPython integration
> question and someone replied saying that Qonsole would not likely be
> developed for Qt4 .

Whe answered that? Some from Logilab?


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