[IPython-user] how to use ipython in xemacs on winxp

wang frank fw3@hotmail.co...
Sat Nov 17 16:50:13 CST 2007

I am struggling to make the ipython works with xemacs on winxp. I have been searching in the internet and follwoing these instrucitons but still it does not work.
My ipython version is 0.8.1 and python-mode is 4.76. Xemacs is version 22.1. When I type M-x load library ipython, emacs responses it is done. then I type M-x py-shell, xemacs opens a python window. but without start the ipython. So I coulde not do anything. If I quit the xemacs, it will say an active process is still running do you want to kill?
Does anyone have successuffly use ipython in xemacs? If so could you share your procedure with me?
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