[IPython-user] how to use ipython in xemacs on winxp

Pete Forman pete.forman@westerngeco....
Tue Nov 20 03:20:30 CST 2007

wang frank <fw3@hotmail.co.jp> writes:

 > Where did you get the python-mode.el version 4.79? I can only find the verion
 > 4.75.

It is in Subversion on SourceForge.  The version naming has changed.
Revision 425 is identical to 4.79, except for the "4.79" string.
There is a later version 426 which supports the "with" keyword.


There was a thread on IPython + XEmacs + Windows starting in
2006-12-29.  I started it with a typo "now working" when I meant "not
working".  By the end of the thread the title was correct. :-)

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