[IPython-user] how to use ipython in xemacs on winxp

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Nov 21 00:59:58 CST 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 11:25 PM, wang frank <fw3@hotmail.co.jp> wrote:
>  Hi, Pete,
>  Thanks for trying to help. With ipython 0.8.1 and py-mode 4.75. I could not
> load ipython into xemacs and emacs. The ipyhthon commad does not show up. So
> I first run python shell and inside python shell I type:
>  execfile("path\ipython.py")
>  This at least shows the ipython command with strange character. The I type
> %colors NoColor, the ipython In[] command prompt will show up. But the Out[]
> prompt does not show up. If I type pwd command the output is empty. Command
> ls will generate the directory contents.
>  I have to gave up ipython running in emacs. I have spend 3 days googling
> around and ask for help. I just do not know why this is so difficult.
> ipython is a gread tool but I could not to use it.
>  If the new ipython in svn works, is it possible to release to users?

I'm afraid that given my ignorance of all things win32 and the lack of
a regular working setup for the OS I won't be able to help you here
beyond what Pete had done.  I understand your frustration, and I'd
love to have a solution for you, but unfortunately I don't.  I happen
to regularly use ipython inside Emacs, but under Linux only, and I'm
at a loss to figure out what can be the problem in your case.

However, at least we can help with that last question: after a bunch
of travel/family stuff I'm back to a more regular schedule and would
like to get a release out the door ASAP.  I'll be sending a separate
email to the -dev list  about it, but you can expect a release of
0.8.2 soon.  I'll make a test build of the current code for all
platforms tomorrow, and we'll coordinate with everyone else to get the
official release made shortly.

Sorry again to hear of your problems.  Hopefully someone will come up
with the magic combo to address the issue and we'll be then able to
document it for future users, in case there was something specific
about your configuration that was preventing things from working.



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