[IPython-user] pydb and %run -d

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Nov 26 02:33:57 CST 2007

Hi Lev,

On May 21, 2007 2:02 PM, Lev Givon <lev@columbia.edu> wrote:
> After recently installing pydb 1.22, I noticed that ipython would
> attempt to use it rather than pdb when running a script via the magic
> command %run -d. Shouldn't the %run command always use pdb regardless
> of whether pydb is installed unless explicitly set to do so? I raise
> this issue because %run -d appears to exhibit some problematic
> behavior when it uses pydb rather than pdb (e.g., breakpoints
> specified by the -bN flag are not properly set).
> I am using ipython 0.8.1 with Python 2.5 on Linux.

Yup, this has also bothered me a bit.  I just had a look and decided
to back off of making any changes this close to the 0.8.2 release, but
since I'd like this not to be forgotten (more than it already has :),
there's now a trac ticket about it:


Hopefully either me or someone else will get a chance to fix it soon,
before 0.8.3 when we get the Leopard work out.



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