[IPython-user] IPython within wxshell

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Nov 26 12:56:53 CST 2007

On Nov 26, 2007 11:49 AM, Tom Denniston
<tom.denniston@alum.dartmouth.org> wrote:
> Embedding ipython properly is rather tricky.  You need coloring and
> completion etc to communicate properly with the gui that is displaying
> it unless you had a window that simply is a terminal and understands
> terminal communcation mechanism--keystrokes and escape sequences.
> My understanding of things was that part of the chainsaw work was to
> decouple the terminal aspects of ipython from the core so that you
> could embed it properly in a non-teminal gui like a wx gui.  Is that
> still the case?  Did I misunderstand things?

No, you didn't.  In fact, we *have* made a bit of progress already,
mainly with Gael Varoquaux and Eric Jones:


(look for anything committed by Gael from a mini-sprint he and I had recently).

However, that will still take sometime to be complete, so I pointed
you in the other direction in case you could quickly adapt one of the
other hacks.  But yes, this is absolutely the right long-term

> I think if I were gonna do the work to get it to work the chainsaw
> stuff would be the right starting point but that is just from my
> cursory understanding.  I've been having a bit of a hard time
> following the chainsaw work and where it currently stands.

Yes, we've done a poor job of communicating the overall plans.  Part
of my attempt these past few days with flushing everything was
precisely to fully catch up on ipython work, so that we could organize
the plans moving forward, try to recruit new developers with a clear
view of what we want to do, etc.  So I hope to continue to clarify
this as we finish up the 0.8.2 release.

The IPython trunk is in excellent hands today (Ville et al) and is
useful to many, but what you are asking for is something we *badly*
need for many reasons.  We'll get it done :)



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