[IPython-user] Fwd: pyreadline errors with 0.8.2.rc1

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson@bostream...
Wed Nov 28 14:10:22 CST 2007

Michael Graz skrev:
> I get these messages in "vi mode"
interesting so do I.
>     print pyreadline.rl.mode
>     <ViMode>
> The mode is being set in $HOME\pyreadlineconfig.ini
>     set_mode("vi")
> However the message are not fatal, just noisy.  Would be nice to have 
> the messages suppressed.  Everything appears to be working fine.
This is a call order problem.

If you use import Extensions.ipy_defaults in a configuration file
then you get those emacs bindings. But if you have already set vi mode 
in the pyreadlineconfig.ini then you are in vi mode when those 
keybindings are requested in ipy_defaults.

Do you know what happens on a unix system if you enable vi mode? Do you 
see the same kind of errormessages or is the system silent?

I think the best solution would be to not execute the keybindings if we 
are in vi mode. But perhaps unix readline is silent in for these kinds 
of errors which would make this unecessary on most platforms. However I 
have also checked in a patch that disables these messages by default, it 
is possible to enable them in pyreadlineconfig.ini see the example file 
for information on how.


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