[IPython-user] scrollback editing bug under OSX 10.5

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve@arachnedesign....
Wed Nov 28 17:41:03 CST 2007

Hey folks,

>> I am using ipython build from svn on OSX 10.5 (Leopard), but am
>> running into an editing bug when I scroll back to previous commands.
> Unfortunately we're aware of lingering readline-related problems with
> Leopard.  I hope to have access to a Leopard machine in the next week
> or so.  In the meantime, if you (or anyone else) have a patch, we'll
> be happy to incorporate it.

I too am running Leopard and I'm not having this problem,  
IPython.__version__ gives ''0.8.2.svn.r2841'

Hmm ... now that I think of it, maybe you are referring to the System- 
installed Python. I'm running python (2.4) via macports and everything  
is just peachy.


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