[IPython-user] dumb question on installing ipython1

David Strozzi david.strozzi@gmail....
Sat Oct 6 14:57:16 CDT 2007


This is a fairly dumb question, reflecting more my python ignorance
probably, but...

I'm having trouble installing ipython1 on opensuse 10.3 (just
released) on amd64 hardware.  I svn'ed the most recent ipython1, and
">python setup.py install" gives an error (see below).  My
site-packages is in /usr/lib64/python/site-packages, but setup.py
wants to use /usr/local/lib64/....  I tried changing this via
--install-dir, which gives an error, and --prefix, which gives a
mangled dirname still w/ /usr/local/lib64 at the front.

How can I fix this?

Is something setup wrong in distutils (not that I'd know exactly how
to fix that)?  I noticed numpy has a distutils subdir with
/usr/local/lib64/ in some file, according to grep.



> python setup.py install
running install
Checking .pth file support in /usr/local/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/
error: can't create or remove files in install directory

The following error occurred while trying to add or remove files in the
installation directory:

    [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

The installation directory you specified (via --install-dir, --prefix, or
the distutils default setting) was:


This directory does not currently exist.  Please create it and try again, or
choose a different installation directory (using the -d or --install-dir

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