[IPython-user] profile question

Ryan Krauss ryanlists@gmail....
Fri Oct 12 12:22:12 CDT 2007

I am having a problem with differences between scipy and pylab, so I
want to make sure that my ipython scientific profile imports pylab
first and then scipy, so that any namespace conflicts will end up with
the scipy definitions.  The problem is that I can't find what gets
loaded with ipython -pylab -p scipy.  Here is the content of my
_ipython dirctory:

05/16/2007  11:16 AM             1,279 ipy_user_conf.py
10/12/2007  11:53 AM             1,113 ipy_user_conf.pyc
10/12/2007  11:53 AM             1,113 ipy_user_conf.pyo
10/12/2007  11:54 AM            24,800 ipythonrc.ini
10/12/2007  11:54 AM             1,381 ipythonrc-math.ini
10/12/2007  11:54 AM             2,195 ipythonrc-numeric.ini
10/12/2007  11:54 AM             1,646 ipythonrc-physics.ini
10/12/2007  11:54 AM             3,696 ipythonrc-pysh.ini
10/12/2007  11:54 AM             1,297 ipythonrc-tutorial.ini
               9 File(s)         38,520 bytes
               3 Dir(s)  19,459,489,792 bytes free

I poke around but can't find scipy anywhere.

This is sort of an unfair question because I am using an installer I
built myself from svn a while back:

If no one wants to answer until I build from current svn, I'll
understand.  But it has to do something.  I still get this message
when it loads:
"SciPy profile successfully loaded."

Voodoo, I tell you.


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