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Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Mon Oct 15 03:18:41 CDT 2007

On 10/13/07, Ryan James <rgjames@ucdavis.edu> wrote:

> on a vaguely related note, i noticed that ipy_user_conf.py is executed
> after ipy_profile_*.py files when using a profile.  why is this?  it
> would seem to me that user_conf should be executed first to set up the
> general global settings i like across all profiles, and then if any
> particular profile needed a special tweak i could put it in there and
> override.  with user_conf executed second, it forced all behavior in
> there.  example being if i generally don't like autocall on, but in my
> shell profile i'd like it to be set to 2.  in that case i'd have to set
> autocall in all my profiles just to ensure that the proper value got
> set.

It's because generally speaking, you should not edit the profiles but
put all your configuration in ipy_user_conf.

If you want different behaviour in shell profile, peek into sys.argv
in ipy_user_conf.py and act accordingly.

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