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Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Fri Sep 7 13:48:23 CDT 2007

On 9/7/07, Fernando Perez <fperez.net@gmail.com> wrote:

> We really need to commit to not producing code that isn't
> consistently, cleanly documented in an easy to find way for users,
> that's also easy to maintain for developers (and for users to
> contribute to, as well).
> Should we make it  post 0.8.2 a priority to solve the documentation problem?


We should try the "lyx => save as docbook => convert to ReST" route.

If that doesn't work out, we'll update the lyx document. However, I
think the cookbook is a good place to document many features, users
should just be steered there.

Could you add a note in the manual that it's not up to date in 0.8.2,
and refer to the wiki for "latest information"? And recommend

Of course the stuff described in manual pretty much works, it just
doesn't have the optimal methods for everything.

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