[IPython-user] merge ipython1-twisted8?

Barry Wark barrywark@gmail....
Thu Apr 3 10:00:02 CDT 2008

Does anyone object to merging ipython1-twisted8 back into
ipython1-dev? The only changes made are to alllow twisted 8 in
setupext and to delegate blockingCallFromThread to
twisted.internet.threads if ipython1 is running under twisted8 (it
still uses the current ipython1.kernel.twistedutils version if running
under twisted 2.5). I've moved to Twisted 8 on OS X (for the reasons
laid out in the previous thread on Twisted 8) and it would make
development a lot easier if we could merge these changes back into

Of course, we should keep the ipython1-twisted8 branch around to deal
with the twisted.web2 issues that Brian pointed out.


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