[IPython-user] gtk.main_iteration() blocks ipython

Pieter Cristiaan de Groot p.c.degroot@tudelft...
Mon Apr 7 17:12:58 CDT 2008


in short:
I would like to interact with a gtk gui, while the main ipython shell is 
executing some loop. What function am I allowed to call inside this loop 
to give the gui some processor time, without ipython blocking 
afterwards? I tried gtk.main_iteration() but this blocks the shell after 
completion of loop.

slightly longer:
I would like to be able to interrupt a running loop in the ipython shell 
(usually started through 'execfile' ) with a 'stop' button on a gtk-window.

What I tried to do:
1) gtk button toggles global variable if 'abort' is necessary
2) loop contains check for the value of this global variable
3) loop contains ' gtk.main_iteration()' to actually give the gui 
processor time to see if the button was clicked

This basically works, but it turns out that calling 
'gtk.main_iteration()' from the ipython shell blocks the entire shell. 
Is there an alternative that I should use?

Any help would be appreciated, also suggestions for achieving the same 
goal in another way that I cannot think of. I keep on having the 
impression that the way I try to do it is rather brainless..... But an 
alternative seems hard to find.

thanks in advance

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