[IPython-user] hard-to-read highlight colors in ipython mode w/ XEmacs

skip@pobo... skip@pobo...
Tue Apr 8 10:41:07 CDT 2008

    Pete> Colors are set by a command line option to ipython.  I used
    Pete> customize to set `py-python-command-args':

    Pete> Value: ("-pylab" "-colors" "LightBG")

    Pete> I think that the options for -colors are NoColor, Linux, and LightBG.

My last input on this (maybe this is mostly for the XEmacs folks and
Alexander Schmolck - author of ipython.el - but I don't have an email for
him handy).  I looked at the color-option-setting code in ipython.el and
found this:

      (setq py-python-command-args 
            (nconc py-python-command-args 
                   (list "-colors"
                           ((eq frame-background-mode 'dark)
                           ((eq frame-background-mode 'light)
                           (t ; default (backg-mode isn't always set by XEmacs)

Then I ran "xemacs -rv" and evaluated frame-background-mode.  It was still
'light.  I don't know what the right variable to test is, but on XEmacs it
doesn't appear that the -rv command line flag causes frame-background-mode
to be set differently (this is in 21.5b28).


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