[IPython-user] gtk.main_iteration() blocks ipython

Pieter Cristiaan de Groot p.c.degroot@tudelft...
Wed Apr 9 15:40:15 CDT 2008

using gtk.main_iteration(block=False) has a different behaviour the 
second time you use it ( so after the time-out warning and switching to 
non-threaded mode). Ipython is now completely usable, but the gui not 
anymore. It is also not predictable. Sometimes when clicking the buttons 
(without any visual feedback by the way) will give you the specified 
action after you run 'gtk.main_iteration(block=False), but sometimes it 
does not.

does this give a clue?

Is this a bug that I need to report somewhere?

Ville M. Vainio wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 10:48 AM, Pieter Cristiaan de Groot
> <p.c.degroot@tudelft.nl> wrote:
>>  At this point the gui is not responding anymore, but the ipython shell
>>  usable. When I run the gtk.main_iteration() a second time the ipython
>>  shell blocks (just as before), but the gui is completely usable. Which
>>  is probably what you expect in non-threaded mode.
> This seems to suggest that gtk.main_iteration() does return at all
> (which is weird, considering the API docs). Did you try with
> gt.main_iteration(block = False)?

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