[IPython-user] Updated documentation available

James Spencer jss43@cam.ac...
Fri Apr 18 18:21:17 CDT 2008

> Perhaps someone could take a look at the Command-line use chapter,
> and tell me why sphinx can't render all of the options in option list
> properly. Also, someone might want to take a stab at implementing
> pdf creation in do_sphinx.py

So I took a quick look at this and got it to work (but using make).  The 
options list is not formatted quite correctly (but with different errors 
to the html)---it looks like sphinx has problems with multiple 
paragraphs for a given option. I'm not sure why though.

> (no makefiles or shell scripts, please; windows does not really work 
> with them properly).

Is there any reason we can't just use the system calls to the commands
used in the Makefile that sphinx produces?  Namely:

pdflatex ipython.tex
pdflatex ipython.tex
pdflatex ipython.tex
makeindex -s python.ist ipython.idx
makeindex -s python.ist modipython.idx
pdflatex ipython.tex
pdflatex ipython.tex

I don't have access to anything other that linux to test this on.  We
would lose the additional functionality make provides, but if we're
happy with that, then it should be quite straightforward.


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