[IPython-user] Updated documentation available

James Spencer jss43@cam.ac...
Tue Apr 22 11:02:47 CDT 2008

> James:
>     I don't understand the do_sphinx.py (see below) multiple calls to pdflatex.

Neither do I!

Sphinx produces the tex files and a makefile to generate the pdf.  As we
wanted to avoid make, I included the commands used in the makefile in
do_sphinx.py (which I got from running make --dry-run).   I was also
surprised by the multiple calls.  There's a comment somewhere in the
sphinx docs (sorry, I don't have it to hand) along the lines that this
is "probably excessive".  I figured that the multiple calls are to cover
some special situations and that sphinx has them for *some* reason, so I
left them in...

>     Also, when I ran it, the ipython.pdf was huge (~606kb and 244
> pages) and worthless for printing or viewing, imho.

I agree: it's a little unsatisfactory.  I think it comes from how the
rst file is formatted.  The problem is that sphinx puts each section as
a different chapter, which leads to lots of blank (facing) pages and
half-empty pages.  There might be an option to change this: I'll have a
look tonight.


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