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Brad Miller bonelake@gmail....
Tue Apr 22 13:28:40 CDT 2008

The multiple calls to pdflatex are due to the fact that typesetting in  
latex requires multiple passes over the document to resolve,  
citations, cross references, etc.    After the index and bibliography  
are made latex requires another pass to make sure any and all page  
references have not changed due to the addition of the new text.


On Apr 22, 2008, at 11:02 AM, James Spencer wrote:

>> James:
>>    I don't understand the do_sphinx.py (see below) multiple calls  
>> to pdflatex.
> Neither do I!
> Sphinx produces the tex files and a makefile to generate the pdf.   
> As we
> wanted to avoid make, I included the commands used in the makefile in
> do_sphinx.py (which I got from running make --dry-run).   I was also
> surprised by the multiple calls.  There's a comment somewhere in the
> sphinx docs (sorry, I don't have it to hand) along the lines that this
> is "probably excessive".  I figured that the multiple calls are to  
> cover
> some special situations and that sphinx has them for *some* reason,  
> so I
> left them in...
>>    Also, when I ran it, the ipython.pdf was huge (~606kb and 244
>> pages) and worthless for printing or viewing, imho.
> I agree: it's a little unsatisfactory.  I think it comes from how the
> rst file is formatted.  The problem is that sphinx puts each section  
> as
> a different chapter, which leads to lots of blank (facing) pages and
> half-empty pages.  There might be an option to change this: I'll  
> have a
> look tonight.
>   --James
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