[IPython-user] IPython1 and TaskClient: a helper for task farming

Yichun Wei yichun.wei@gmail....
Thu Apr 24 02:04:33 CDT 2008

Woops, "send" clicked too early.

I hope this helps people get things up running faster and easier,
especially those trying IPython1 for a first time. Please feel free to
make any modification seen as needed.


On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 11:47 PM, Yichun Wei wrote:
> Hi Brian,
>  For a while I've been using the attached file to do task farming in
>  IPython1. It provides a simple decorator to help turn a function into
>  a Task and submit it via TaskClient and return a Deferred as the
>  result. The user should attach new callbacks to get results. The
>  submission of Tasks and getting back task ids is synchronously done
>  though.
>  It enables usage like:
>  # commenting the decorator gives a local running function.
>  # with the decorator the function is to be submitted as a Task.
>  @parallelized(rc, tc):
>  def a_local_function(a,b,c):
>     return a+b+c
>  result = a_local_function(1,2,3)
>  ...
>  Currently this doesn't make use of the task dependency IPython1
>  provides, and doesn't set and use the properties of engines properly.
>  I see these as possibly improvements.

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