[IPython-user] Ipython -pylab permissions problem (matplotlib?)

Evan Howell rofreason@gmail....
Fri Aug 1 14:56:50 CDT 2008


First, I apologize for the post entitled "email" yesterday, I was trying to
validate my subscription to the list and in my enthusiasm I measured once
and had to cut twice.

Second, I am a recent Matlab convert and am rapidly trying to get up to
speed in the Numpy/SciPy/Ipython world, so I apologize if I seem a bit "out
of my league" :)

I am having a great time transitioning over, no small part to the fantastic
ipython environment. I just have a couple of small questions that hopefully
will aid me today and in the future.

First, is there a way (that I haven't seen yet) to search the mailing list
archives, either here or on gmane?

Second, I use Ipython with the -pylab switch, and am having a tiny problem
with permission problems when dealing with widgets (either TkAgg, wxAgg,
etc.). At times when dealing with the figure window I will get a stream of
warnings that say:
I/O error : Permission denied
I/O error : Permission denied etc....

When I used the default -pylab backend (TkAgg I believe) this "error" would
appear when I first plotted something, as well as when trying to save a
figure (using the save figure button on the bottom of the figure pane). I
have switched to wxAgg and while the "errors" are gone when opening a figure
window, they occur when I try to save the plot. I have seen this message
appear in other places as well, yet as far as I can tell it always happens
while I am dealing with the figure window.

Has anyone ever seen this before? (hence the question above on searching)
Is this even an ipython issue, or maybe matplotlib?

And finally, this is by no means a big deal to see these, I know. It's a
minor annoyance, but it becomes kind of a problem when using screen, as my
screen fills up with warnings. Maybe there's just a way to turn them off? Or
do they signify a larger permissions problem?

In advance, I appreciate any and all help, and I just want to say thanks
also for such a great front end (and more) to python!


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