[IPython-user] Workspaces with Embedded IPython

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Wed Aug 13 17:07:32 CDT 2008

Hello IPython folks -
  I've been working on a program which embeds IPython into a wxPython UI
using the /gui/wx code included with IPython version 0.8.4.  It took almost
no time to get it up and running and it looks very professional.  My next
step was to work out how to allow the wx-UI and IPython command line to
interact.  I realize there is a fundamental thread issue which must handled,
but with a little work I should be able to wrap everything with the
necessary mutexs.  But I'm struggling to find a clean way to allow IPython
commands implement changes to the UI.  Conversely, I'd like to have access
to the IPython workspace from the UI.  Any suggestions would be greatly
Andy Dowd
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