[IPython-user] New feature: cd -foo (jump to directory matching "foo" in directory history)

Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Thu Aug 14 15:54:00 CDT 2008

Here's something I often missed, finally enough to implement it:

Typically, when you press cd -<tab>, you do it just to find a specific
directory, then type in the number.

You can bid farewell to such redundancy. If you often hang around
/var/log/samba, you can jump there directly with "cd -samba" or even
"cd -samb", once the directory ends up in your directory history.

Now, since the directory history is persistent across IPython sessions
(and as such remembers all the dirs you ever visited), this really
eases up your directory navigation (and makes the bookmark
functionality quite redundant for situations where directory names are
unique enough).

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