[IPython-user] Ipython -pylab permissions problem (matplotlib?)

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sun Aug 17 04:14:53 CDT 2008

Hi Evan,

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 12:56 PM, Evan Howell <rofreason@gmail.com> wrote:
> HI,
> First, I apologize for the post entitled "email" yesterday, I was trying to
> validate my subscription to the list and in my enthusiasm I measured once
> and had to cut twice.

No worries :)

> Second, I am a recent Matlab convert and am rapidly trying to get up to
> speed in the Numpy/SciPy/Ipython world, so I apologize if I seem a bit "out
> of my league" :)
> I am having a great time transitioning over, no small part to the fantastic
> ipython environment. I just have a couple of small questions that hopefully
> will aid me today and in the future.
> First, is there a way (that I haven't seen yet) to search the mailing list
> archives, either here or on gmane?

I just use  this type of google query:

google("type your search terms

(or ipython-dev at the end for the dev list).

> Second, I use Ipython with the -pylab switch, and am having a tiny problem
> with permission problems when dealing with widgets (either TkAgg, wxAgg,
> etc.). At times when dealing with the figure window I will get a stream of
> warnings that say:
> I/O error : Permission denied
> I/O error : Permission denied etc....
> When I used the default -pylab backend (TkAgg I believe) this "error" would
> appear when I first plotted something, as well as when trying to save a
> figure (using the save figure button on the bottom of the figure pane). I
> have switched to wxAgg and while the "errors" are gone when opening a figure
> window, they occur when I try to save the plot. I have seen this message
> appear in other places as well, yet as far as I can tell it always happens
> while I am dealing with the figure window.
> Has anyone ever seen this before? (hence the question above on searching)
> Is this even an ipython issue, or maybe matplotlib?

This sounds a lot like an mpl issue.  MPL does make a few temp
directories, I wonder if for some reason it's trying to create one of
them in a place you can't write to.   But definitely ask over at
mpl-users, because that's not an ipython issue.

> And finally, this is by no means a big deal to see these, I know. It's a
> minor annoyance, but it becomes kind of a problem when using screen, as my
> screen fills up with warnings. Maybe there's just a way to turn them off? Or
> do they signify a larger permissions problem?
> In advance, I appreciate any and all help, and I just want to say thanks
> also for such a great front end (and more) to python!

Glad you find it useful, and welcome to the ipython/numpy/scipy/mpl world :)



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