[IPython-user] broken key inputs after module import

Ole Trenner ole@jayotee...
Sun Aug 17 12:04:50 CDT 2008

Hi Fernando,

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Hi Ole,
> On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 2:13 AM, Ole Trenner <ole@jayotee.de> wrote:
>> [...some problems with web.py and readline...]
> sorry you never got a reply.  This is strange, because the behavior
> you describe is what you get when readline is *not* installed.  But
> I've never seen the case where readline gets 'unloaded' by some other
> module (esp. because the bulk of readline is in extension code, so
> disabling it isn't obvious in python).  If you are still having this
> problem, I'd suggest contacting the web.py authors, because they seem
> to be doing something rather funky.

Thanks for your reply. I've done some more google research and found
that this is actually a rather old problem
(<http://projects.scipy.org/ipython/ipython/ticket/56>). It seems to be
rooted in web.py messing with stdout to do some wsgi related stuff.
Apparently there even exists some patch for web.py to fix this.

Since it obviously hasn't anything to do with IPython I'm sorry for
having brought it up in the first place. Thank you very much, however,
for pointing me into the right direction :)


> Cheers,
> f

Ole Trenner

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