[IPython-user] readline egg on leopard

Ludwig Schwardt ludwig.schwardt@gmail....
Mon Aug 18 15:05:30 CDT 2008


I'm sorry to hear about your problems and will help you as far as I
can to get this sorted out...

First off, if you are using ipython 0.8.3 or later (if I remember
correctly), readline might not actually be necessary. The support for
the builtin libedit library on Leopard improved to such an extent that
you will probably not miss readline at all (tab completion, up arrow
and such all work). My first suggestion is therefore to forget you
ever heard about readline :-) Just try out ipython and see if you miss
some functionality, and then come back to readline if it is really

On the other hand, I am curious why your installation did not work, so
here goes...

> I've tried to follow http://ipython.scipy.org/moin/InstallationOSXLeopard

These instructions should be replaced by:

sudo easy_install readline

Unfortunately I do not have write access to the wiki, so someone else
(Barry?) should please update it.

>  So now I'm stuck.  Is my Python installation broken? ... And if the installation is
> indeed corrupt, how do I get it back to normal on Leopard - reinstall developer tools?
> or is there something more granular?

No, all should still be fine, as it appears that nothing was
installed. I do not yet understand why the installation would fail, so
I will try it out on my Leopard system tomorrow.

Good luck!

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