[IPython-user] TaskClient reconnect

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Mon Dec 8 13:10:44 CST 2008

> Quick question about the behavior of foolscap connections.
> Say I have an async TaskClient connected to a remote TaskController

> The TaskController goes away (network interruptions or inadvertently
> restarted), currently I get a Stale Reference Broker. At this point
> should the client tub not reconnect and get a new broker reference
> automatically.

Are you saying that the actual controller process goes away or that
the TaskClient goes away?

Could you list the events that happen to trigger this?

Also, are you using the blocking (client.py) or the asynchronous
(asyncclient.py) TaskClient?

> If this is not the case, whats the best way to deal with kind of
> situation, currently I am doing things in a really messy way, where I
> try to catch foolscap errors in defereds and explicitly try to get a
> new async taskclient.
> As it was pointed out to me, it would make more sense if this was handled
> at the protocol level.

Yes, this is probably true, but I want to understand more of what
exactly is going on first.



> Any Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> -vishal
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