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Tue Feb 5 01:35:23 CST 2008

A Sunday 03 February 2008, Brian Granger escrigué:
> > > sense.  Anytime you make a call to the core the call _may_ be put
> > > into a queue if the core is busy.  This is a standard FIFO queue.
> > >  The reason this happens is to enable a user to continue working
> > > on new input lines while the old ones compute.  If you are
> > > familiar with
> >
> > I'm not sure this should be the default behaviour. I like my stuff
> > synchronous, most of the time. I think there should be the
> > synchronous mode (where there are no problems with tab completion),
> > and async mode (where the delays with tab completion can occur on
> > problematic non-GIL-releasing code).
> At some level I agree.  While all the operations _may_ be
> asynchronous, it will be up to each frontend whether or not it
> exposes that to the user.  If a frontend desires, it can make
> everything synchronous again. In a terminal based frontend, this
> would surely be the default.  In GUI frontends, you could imagine
> that the user could even choose which behavior is exhibited.  But the
> APIs do need to be designed with the possibility of things being
> asynchronous.

Not only in GUI frontends, I think that allowing the user to choose 
between synchronous and asynchronous mode would be necessary for all 
frontends, not only GUI.  I'd also set the synchronous mode the default 
for eveything (I'm not used on how Mathematica works, but I'm not sure 
if everybody will feel good with asynchronicity, at least at the 
beginning, but who knows).

You are doing very nice plans anyway.  I like them :)

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