[IPython-user] Can I embed iPython in a PyGtk app?

Edward K. Ream edreamleo@gmail....
Wed Feb 13 09:29:37 CST 2008

On Feb 13, 2008 9:01 AM, <skip@pobox.com> wrote:

> There's lots of mention of Gtk in the iPython documentation and a section
> on
> embedding iPython, but I don't see any mention of embedding iPython in a
> PyGtk app.  Can this be done?  If not, is there a way to run my PyGtk app
> from within iPython so that I can monitor the app's state?

Good question.  I have a big interest in the answer.

The recent bridge between Leo (Tk/tkinter) and IPython still seems like
magic to me. My brother Speed thinks there is some common magic involved in
the Linux and Windows kernels that makes this possible.  He knows a lot more
about such things than I do, but I have no first-hand knowledge.

I plan to do a simple prototype emulates Leo's Tk/IPython bridge in a gtk
environment.  I'll do this in the next day or so and let you know what

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