[IPython-user] Bug in ipython -pylab and %who ?

Richard Everson R.M.Everson@exeter.ac...
Sun Feb 17 16:02:19 CST 2008

When %who is run in an ipython -pylab session all the (large!) numpy  
and matplotlib namespace is reported, rather than being filtered out;  
this mostly renders %who and %whos useless as they are so cluttered  
numpy and matplotlib names.  So far as I can tell this is because  
_load_pylab (in Shell.py) is run after "AFTER the actual ipython  
instance is running, since only then will the options file have been  
fully parsed" (quoting its comments), whereas the snapshot of the user  
namespace is taken earlier in make_IPython (Line 669 of ipmaker.py in  
IPython 0.8.2).

I've tried a quick hack in ignorance but only succeeded in breaking  
IPython.  Is there an easy way to take the user namespace snapshot  
after pylab has been imported?


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