[IPython-user] testing if a function was called from the command prompt

Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Mon Feb 25 10:22:34 CST 2008

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 6:02 PM, Ryan Krauss <ryanlists@gmail.com> wrote:

>  would put a show() command at the end.  This is probably not the
>  desired behavior when doing interactive stuff at the command prompt.
>  Is it possible for me to test in my function whether or not the
>  function was called interactively or using the run magic command?

if '_ip' in globals():
  print "Interactive!"

>  Along with that, it is possible that some of the students will try to
>  use idle instead of IPython (they don't always listen to my
>  recommendations).  Is it possible to test IPython vs. idle?

ip = IPython.ipapi.get()

if ip is None:
  print "Go back to IPython, punk!"

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