[IPython-user] ipython1 and farm tasking

Alexandre Gillet gillet@scripps....
Mon Feb 25 20:44:14 CST 2008


I just started using ipython1 do to distribute job on multiple cpu.  I
am having some issue and I am not sure how it works.
I want to pass a function to be run by each task on each client.
In the following code, the function fold_package need to be run on each

packages_list=[ '3114', '3115','3116'] 
# create a  remote  controller instance
rc = kernel.RemoteController(('',10105))
# create task controller instance
tc = kernel.TaskController(('', 10113))
# commands won't block by default
rc.block = False
# get id of available engine
engines_id = rc.getIDs()   
# process the list of packages by dispatching them to different computer
# create the task list
tasks = [kernel.Task("fold_package(%s)"%t) for t in packages_list]
# test task controller
taskIDs = [tc.run(t) for t in tasks]

when I run that code I get:
NameError: name 'fold_package' is not defined

My questions are;
How do you pass a function define in my script to the client engine?
Or Do I have to create a package that will contains my function and
installed it on each client?

Thanks for any advices and answers.

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