[IPython-user] ipython1 farm tasking feature request

Alexandre Gillet gillet@scripps....
Fri Feb 29 15:38:34 CST 2008

Hi Brian,

I would like to get some few features added to the taskclient to expose
more of the TaskController interface.

It would be nice from the taskclient to access  
and the list of all the tasks send to the taskcontroller. They are
define in the TaskController class.

When I use the Taskclient interface  I am not able to get the current
state of the queue, i.e what is the status of the queue and be able to
retrieve which task have been sent. I think exposing the attributes
above will allow it.

Or should I use directly a TaskController instance instead of a
client.TaskClient to get access to all of this?
I am not sure how the create such an object.

Also, when a task is completed, does it get deleted from the queue or do
I have to do it? 



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