[IPython-user] Please change the ipython.el to fix the tab completion issue of ipython with emac

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck@gmx....
Wed Jan 9 15:33:25 CST 2008

wang frank <fw3@hotmail.co.jp> writes:

> Hi, Alexander,
> Since I am not familiar with elisp/emacs/ipython, I really hope the expert
> can jump in and fix this problem. 

I think if some one "fixes"[*]


the emacs side of things will be trivial.

> After I add the forward slash in the ipython.el, it works much better for me
> since it can complete most cases execpt of the names with space in it.

Well, as long as you don't use '/' for division much... :)
> It seems that you are also using emacs wiht ipython, I wonder what version of the emacs and ipython/pyreadline you are using. The newest version of ipython does not work without the fixe of pyreadline and some other tweak for me.
> I will look the hippie expand to see whether it will be better.

It's just a workaround, but it's useful in non-ipython contexts as well.

add this to your .emacs:

    (require 'hippie-exp) ;likely not strictly needed
    (global-set-key [(meta shift iso-lefttab)] 'hippie-expand) 
> Thanks



[*] I.e. writes a version that accepts a whole input-line and returns sensible
completions for it.

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