[IPython-user] ipython problems within Carbon Emacs on Leopard

kmt@ftm... kmt@ftm...
Thu Jan 10 21:28:58 CST 2008


After years of fine use of ipython+emacs on Linux, I recently started
using ipython+Carbon Emacs on a Mac OS X 10.5.1 (Leopard).  I'm having
problems in both M-x py-shell (which is using ipython) and just M-x
shell if I then run ipython.  

1) One problem is the prompt looks like this:

   "^A^BIn [^A^B20^A^B]:^A^B"

   Instead of

   "In [1]:"

   I am not having this problem on any of the Linux machines I use,
   although the -colors flag there is set to LightBG by ipython.el as

2) Also, if I try the auto-completion I get

   ';'.join(__IP.Completer.all_completions('hel')) #PYTHON-MODE SILENT

   (in other words the command and it's output are not hidden as they
   ought to be)

3) Also, whatever I'm typing is not completed unless I hit the tab
   several times one after the other.  Which means that there is
   communication, but somehow it is not properly synchronized.

My setup on the Mac is this:

GNU Emacs (Carbon Emacs)
python-mode.el 4.75
ipython.el 2275
python 2.5.1
ipython 0.8.2

On Linux, everythig is the same, except:
emacs on one machine
emacs on the other.

I'm not exactly sure which domain(s) these problem belong to, but I
thought posting them here would be adequate.

Anyone with clues they want to share?


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