[IPython-user] ipython problems within Carbon Emacs on Leopard

kmt@ftm... kmt@ftm...
Sat Jan 12 10:48:56 CST 2008

Alexander Schmolck <a.schmolck@gmx.net> writes:

> Hmm, still worth trying to use ipython w/o colors; "ipython --colors NoColor"
> would be the command line switch, so
> (setq py-python-command-args "-colors" "NoColor")
> should have the same effect in emacs+ipython.

Yes, I did experiment with that already; it fixed the prompt issue but
not the auto-complete issue, in other words I am still seeing the exact
same symptoms:

In [1]:';'.join(__IP.Completer.all_completions('hel')) #PYTHON-MODE SILENT

In [2]:hel

and then if I press the tab a few times (fast, right after each
other), I get it to actually complete:

In [5]:print ';'.join(__IP.Completer.all_completions('help')) #PYTHON-MODE SILENT

In [6]:help

>>> What happens if you tell ipython.el to use python instead of ipython? (IIRC
>>> typing Esc : (setq ipython-command "python") should do that, but editing
>>> ipython.el will certainly work).
>> I get a blue ">>>" prompt and tab key just produces tabs.
> The tab-completion is ipython specific (but you should get some funny output
> as you noted in the other post).

Yes, you are right, I do get them, actually.  In the above, I had
completely eliminated ipython.el, sorry.

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