[IPython-user] crash with ipython

humufr@yah... humufr@yah...
Mon Jan 14 07:55:45 CST 2008

Le Sunday 13 January 2008 11:53:57 Fernando Perez, vous avez écrit :
> On Jan 12, 2008 10:01 AM,  <humufr@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> > I didn't try this option and it's working a little bit better now. At
> > least it's not crashing when I'm doing stupid mistake when I'm writing
> > some class using pyqt4.
> >
> > But still you cannot launch any script from iptyhon with the run command.
> Mmh, I do see the crash (it's an all out segfault, just like you get).
>  I'm afraid this is a pure Qt4 issue, and I hope Darren Dale (our Qt4
> resident guru) may have some ideas on what to do, since he's the
> author of that code.  I have no clue.
> But thanks for your bug report.  With that test script, I've made it
> into a Trac ticket so we don't lose track of it (Darren, I've assigned
> it to you since there's little hope I'll fix it):
> http://ipython.scipy.org/ipython/ipython/ticket/208

your welcome and thank you to look at it.

> > By the way, ipython doesn't find *.pyw file as python script (personnally
> > I don't care because I'm using linux but I understood that you need this
> > extension on windows for this kind of script).
> Do you mean that the tab completion doesn't complete on .pyw scripts?
> Because you can always just type in the full name:
> In [3]: !cat foo.pyw
> print 'hello'
> In [4]: run foo.pyw
> hello
> If you refer to the tab completion, then yes, it should probably be
> corrected, but I'd like to hear from someone who knows better than me
> what those .pyw extensions mean (they're a win32 thing, I assume).
> Ville is likely to know, and he also wrote the custom completion code,
> so he'll probably have a good answer for you.
> Cheers,
> f

Yep I refer to the tab completion, it's working fine when I'm typing all the 
name but I'm a lazy guy and I like a lot the tab completion.
For the .pyw extension, it's specific for windows, I'm not using this system 
but some people here are and the exemple of the book I'm using are using it. 
I read that it's to ensure that windows will use the pythonw.exe interpreter 
and so do not have the windows command console appearing. It's useful for GUI 

Thanks again


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