[IPython-user] Are people using ipython+emacs+MacOSX?

Barry Wark barrywark@gmail....
Tue Jan 15 15:32:53 CST 2008


appscript is at: http://appscript.sourceforge.net/ (available via easy_install)
(http://pypi.python.org/pypi/PdbTextMateSupport/0.3) is also available
via easy_install.

Beyond that, see my previous post for how to add the
PdbTextMateSupport hooks to pdb and how to run the frontmost textmate
document from within ipython. The built-in Python bundle in TextMate
takes care of the rest.

You've inspired me to work on the reverse (running ipython commands
from TextMate) with a little more AppleScript. I'll let you know what
I can work out.


On Jan 15, 2008 4:37 AM, Steve Lianoglou <lists.steve@arachnedesign.net> wrote:
> Howdy,
> > Most folks I know are using TextMate with IPython in a terminal
> > window. Using the Scripting Bridge in OS X (built in for Leopard;
> > available as the 'appscript' module for Tiger, I think), it's pretty
> > easy to write some code to integrate the two. In combination with
> > PdbTextMateSupport module (synchronizes TextMate's display with the
> > pdb debugger), it's a pretty sweet environment.
> Do you have a link to any info that might help the rest of us get
> something like this working (AFAIK this isn't any TextMate bundle that
> I know of)? Would be fun to check that out.
> Thanks,
> -steve

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