[IPython-user] Are people using ipython+emacs+MacOSX?

Barry Wark barrywark@gmail....
Tue Jan 15 15:51:51 CST 2008


osascript <<- APPLESCRIPT
	tell application "Terminal"
		set currentTab to (selected tab of (get first window))
		set tabProcs to processes of currentTab
		set theProc to (end of tabProcs)
		if theProc is not "Python" then
			set currentTab to (do script "ipython")
		end if
		do script "%run -e -i -n $TM_FILEPATH" in currentTab
	end tell

and a scope selector of "source.python" will let you run the current
window's module in an ipython session in a Terminal tab. If the
current Terminal tab is a Python instance, the script assumes its
IPython and calls %run to run the current file. If the current tab
isn't a Python instance, the script will open a new window and start
Ipython before calling %run.

Similar commands could be used to manipulate the debugger state etc.

On Jan 15, 2008 4:37 AM, Steve Lianoglou <lists.steve@arachnedesign.net> wrote:
> Howdy,
> > Most folks I know are using TextMate with IPython in a terminal
> > window. Using the Scripting Bridge in OS X (built in for Leopard;
> > available as the 'appscript' module for Tiger, I think), it's pretty
> > easy to write some code to integrate the two. In combination with
> > PdbTextMateSupport module (synchronizes TextMate's display with the
> > pdb debugger), it's a pretty sweet environment.
> Do you have a link to any info that might help the rest of us get
> something like this working (AFAIK this isn't any TextMate bundle that
> I know of)? Would be fun to check that out.
> Thanks,
> -steve

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