[IPython-user] readline and leopard

Ludwig Schwardt ludwig.schwardt@gmail....
Wed Jan 16 05:05:30 CST 2008


I realise this is a semi-dead horse, and I have read

A question probably directed to Boyd: Has anyone tried to compile the
Python 2.5.1 readline module separately from the full Python 2.5.1
tree, maybe as an egg, in order to fix Leopard's readline support?

I've statically compiled readine 5.2 with all four architectures
(seeing that libpython.dylib has all four), and derived a readline egg
from the package at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/readline/. This then
overrides the system readline module. It builds fine and I am able to
type "import readline" at the system python prompt, but any use of
readline (e.g. "readline.__file__") results in a bus error / segfault.

Is this a dumb idea, or is there some merit in it? I am trying very
hard to use the system python on Leopard with a fully-fledged


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