[IPython-user] Several problems with cp720 (Arabic Windows-1256)

Diaa Sami diaasami@gmail....
Wed Jan 16 10:57:20 CST 2008

Jörgen Stenarson wrote:
> Diaa,
> The problem is that current versions of python does not support cp720. 
> After some googling it seems there are fixes in the trunk for python but 
> that doesn't help us.
> For me (using swedish windows) the default codepage of the cmd.exe is 
> cp850. But there is a mismatch to the encoding used in the filesystem 
> which makes it more convenient for me to always launch cmd.exe such that 
> it switches to cp1252 using the command chcp 1252. Perhaps you could try 
> to do the same but with chcp 1256 to get arabic.
> You could also try adding:
> import pyreadline.unicode_helper
> pyreadline.unicode_helper.pyreadline_codepage="cp1256"
> to force pyreadline to use another codepage than the default, however 
> this may not work if there is a mismatch between 1256 and 720.
> Please let us know how it goes
> /Jörgen

Sorry for the late reply.
thanks for the info about changing the cmd.exe encoding, I think I'll stick to it until python 
supports cp720, I just thought that in the mean time IPython can be modified so that it works 
without troubles on systems with Arabic locale.

Diaa Sami

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