[IPython-user] ^a and ^e broken on Leopard?

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve@arachnedesign....
Sun Jan 20 08:50:23 CST 2008

Hi Markus,

> it seems to me that cursor movements with ^a, ^e etc. are broken on
> Leopard. It seems to work, yet the display is not updated
> appropriately. This problem is consistent in Terminal.app, iTerm and
> xterm so I guess it's not a terminal emulator bug.

I can't duplicate this behavior in Terminal.app or xterm (don't have  
iTerm lying around anymore).

I tested it on the Leopard Python w/ the recent readline fix installed  
(although I think I remember it being fine previously as well).

Is this just happening in IPython for you, or is it in any terminal in  


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