[IPython-user] Ruminations on Leo + IPython

skip@pobo... skip@pobo...
Tue Jan 29 17:27:21 CST 2008

    Steve> cd to the directory created by unpacking the the zip file

    Steve> su root

    Steve> . ./install

    Steve> works for me after removing a previous installation on CentOS
    Steve> 4.3.

As I indicated, it seems very un-Unixish.  It won't work in our environment
without editing (it requires root to execute and requires LEO_PREFIX - at
least - to be changed).  That just seems like a recipe for disaster.  The
chances that I get *everything* right in the first edit (I'm almost bound to
miss something) see slim.  The lack of a functioning install command for
setup.py also seems very unPythonic.


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